3 Tips To Overcome Stress In Your Life

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Everyone experiences stress in their lives at one point or another. Therefore, it is critical to deal with the stress you experience in a healthy way. Why is this important? If not dealt with properly, stress can affect your physical and mental health, as well as have affects on the way you interact in your relationships, and even your level of happiness. Dealing with stress in a healthy way can help you have a balanced lifestyle, allowing you to be a happy, healthy, and productive you, along with so many other benefits to your physical and emotional well being.

Here are three tips to help you deal with stress:

Know Your Body

It’s important to know yourself and your body. When you are experiencing a stressful situation your body will reflect physical signs that stress is affecting your health in a negative way. It is so important to know your body because unless you do, then how can you recognize the stress you're experiencing?

When I think back to a moment when I was experiencing one of the most stressful phases in my life, it reminds me of when my body began to reflect physical signs of stress. Being aware of my body and knowing I wasn't feeling like my normal self led me to have an “aha moment”. I knew enough was enough and that my body could not physically take any more stress. Even if my mind was telling me I could keep handling my work situation, my body told me otherwise. I remember the physical signs of stress I began to display in this situation were hair loss and an eye twitch began developing. After realizing the symptoms I was experiencing there were two things I was sure about myself which were:

1) I never had a eye persistent and consistent eye twitch before, and

2) I am someone that suffers from lupus and when I become stressed my hair begins to fall out. Hair loss is a symptom that most people with lupus tend to experience when they are stressed.

Pause and Reflect

It's always important to know why you are experiencing signs of stress. To help you determine why, take the time to pause and reflect on when you started displaying signs of stress. Then ask yourself, are the causes of your stress things you can control, or not?

I began to pause and reflect on what were the exact events that occurred to cause for my body to react in such a way that I began to display these physical signs of stress. I realized that my body started displaying these signs of stress when I was in an unhealthy work environment and began a very demanding position.

Yes, the position was demanding but I asked myself, was it worth it? Did I love my position that much to risk my health? Did I even enjoy what I was doing? After reflecting on these questions it led me to have another “aha moment”. Even though I really wanted to stay in my role at work, it was no longer a healthy situation for me. I also realized that I was no longer happy. Lastly I realized that I had the ability to control the outcome of my situation with my career, because it was no longer worth affecting my health and wellness in a negative way.

Make Healthy Changes

Once you identify what is bringing stress in your life, now you can take action to make healthy changes in your life! Be intentional to remove the things in your life that cause you stress, and drain you physically, and emotionally. Also, on a positive note, be intentional to bring more of the positive things in your life that you enjoy, make you happy, and most importantly bring you fulfillment. This will help keep you balanced and help alleviate your stress for your overall health, wellness, and happiness.

I began to look for another job that contained the positive aspects of my current role that I enjoyed, and most importantly stayed away from choosing a new job that contained the negative aspects of my job that brought me physical signs of stress, leading to unhealthy outcomes.

This eventually empowered me to take control of my life and especially my levels of stress. I took action to resign from my stressful job, leave the unhealthy work environment I was in, and thankfully find another job that had the positive aspects that I wanted and needed to improve my life, health, wellness, and happiness.

From that point forward my wellness improved drastically and immediately. My eye twitch began to subside and my hair loss stopped. I was also happier, healthier, and began to experience more peace and balance in my life and career.

Here are examples of healthy lifestyle choices you can make to bring you balance and improve your overall health and wellness:

  • Get enough rest

  • Workout and develop a fit lifestyle

  • Eat healthy and develop a healthy relationship with food

  • Listen to music you enjoy

  • Read more

  • Journal

  • Pray and express gratitude

  • Meditate

  • Walk more

  • Go outdoors

  • Travel

  • Start a new hobby

  • Surround yourself around people who love and care for you

  • Be mindful to not overcommit yourself

  • Prioritize and implement time management practices

  • Do something you enjoy every day

I encourage you to Discover Your Power and take control of your stress in a healthy way. If you empower yourself when life brings stress your way, you can help yourself to have a balanced lifestyle, increase your happiness, health, and wellness, as well as add so many other benefits to your physical and emotional well being. Manage your stress today!

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