4 Powerful Career Moves

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

When it comes to the topic of career, a common thing most people want to know is how they can get the promotion they want, climb the corporate ladder, or even transition their career to the one they really want. As a Career Coach, I have helpful tips I want to share with you. I am going to give you 4 powerful career moves you can strategically implement to take your career and transform it in the direction you want.

1) Volunteer for a project.

Whether it's a task force to trial a new project or idea, or a project your boss needs someone to lead, volunteering to lead a project or be a part of a project team can be your way to show your potential to lead. This opportunity can position you as an informal leader on your team because you will be the person who has the knowledge everyone will need regarding the project when it is rolled out to the rest of the team, and when everyone needs to get trained and up to speed. Being a part of the project team can also help you show your ability to problem solve an issue the team is having, your creativity to come up with and trial new ideas, and your resilience to make a project a success. You will become the "go to person" on your team and ultimately impress your leader.

2) Get educated, certified, and develop yourself.

You should always prioritize working on your craft. Therefore, personal and professional development needs to be a part of your efforts at all times. Staying stagnant with learning is how some people end up staying in a career they are no longer happy with. To help change this if you can get enrolled in a class to further your knowledge on a specific skill related to your job, get certified, attend a conference or webinar to learn something new it will be a great investment on yourself and your career, even your organization. You can even approach your leader about paying for the expenses if it is knowledge you and bring back and implement on the job!

3) Network, Network, Network!

Who you know is extremely important. Whether it's knowing people who are you in field, or a completely other field, in your organization, or a completely different organization, the connections you make are powerful. You never know who you can learn from or gain support from, maybe even refer and recommend you for a potential career opportunity! You can network in the office, but better yet you can also make networking fun. Invite the person you want to network with to enjoy something outside of the office like coffee, lunch, an extra curricular activity, basically anything outside of the office will do! Also, be prepared to let the person you are networking with know who you are as an individual and professional, as well as your purpose in getting to know them. Be genuine and make a good impression because the purpose it to leave a positive and lasting impression for when the right opportunity arises, so they can think of you.

4) Ask for feedback.

This can be a game changer because you can gain knowledge on how others view and think about you, as well as areas where you can improve and grow. You can ask your leader and even your peers for feedback. The feedback you receive may be positive, which will be pleasant to hear and a boost to your confidence, or the feedback may be disappointing because you may hear of some short comings with your performance. Either way, when you know how you are performing it gives you clear information on potential areas of opportunity so you can grow with a purpose. Therefore, don't just wait until your annual review to ask or seek feedback. You can do this at anytime! Be proactive!

These powerful career moves will give you the momentum you need to create and transform your career to what you've always wanted. You will see doors of opportunity will open for you. If want to take things further but don't know how to start, or find you're wanting to quit and give up on your goals, please know I can help you as your Career Coach! Contact me to schedule your initial complimentary discovery coaching session. Also check out my Discover Your Power coaching programs to help you accomplish your career goals and transform your life!

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