6 Power Moves To Change Your Career

Updated: Apr 19

If you want to change your career, you can’t just do what you’ve always done and expect the career of your dreams to magically appear. Albert Einstein says "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Therefore, you have to try something new, and not just one time either! You have to create new daily habits for yourself and as time goes on that is when you will see the change begin to happen. It takes time but you have to start somewhere, and this is where most people get stuck. Most people don't know the "how"...meaning they don't know howto start. I want to help and encourage you. Creating change and transformation with your career is possible! Don't give up hope. I know it's possible because I did it myself. I changed my career to one that I love and you can too! (If you want to read my story you can here.) 

If you are unhappy with your career and want a change, here are 6 power moves you can take to begin to change your career!

1) You have to start by putting in the time it takes to create change and transformation! 

Please understand, if you want to change your career, you can’t just expect to use the same amount of time in your day you always have at work to create change. Your regular 9-5 working hours won't be enough. You have to put in the additional time it takes! When I decided I was going to leave my corporate job, build my business and be an entrepreneur I started building while I still had my corporate job! I put in the hours after work and yes it took up my free time...but it was worth it! When I decided I wanted to be a coach I had to put in the additional time to begin coaching. People began to tell me I was doing too much, but I had to realize I couldn't listen to people who were negative and who weren’t working on a dream to change their own lives. These people have no idea what it takes to manifest change! Remember, you have to make additional time in your life to create new habits and to see transformation and change begin. Yes it does take time, but the time you are putting in to manifest your dream career will pay off in the end.

2) Research the new career you want.

If you really want to change your career the best thing you can do first is research it. Doing research can give you the important insight you will need in order to ensure you are making the right career move for yourself, and being strategic while you are doing it. The last thing you want is to end up in another career that you are unhappy with. I encourage you to really look into any information you can find that can help you understand the positives and negatives about the career you are considering. Researching will also give you some insight on what experience, knowledge, skills, and talent is required for the career you want, as well as trends in the industry, and maybe even how you can begin to get your foot in the door. You may even find opportunities that are open and available for you to apply for! Therefore, gather as much information as you can so you can be fully prepared and informed before you take the leap!

3) Network with people who are already in the career you want.

After you research, think about who you know that is already working in the career you want and already doing what you want to do. Whether you know them personally or not try to connect with them. You can even ask this person to be your Mentor so they can help guide you on what steps you should take to begin changing your career. Read my article about mentorship here. You can also ask them about their journey and how they got into their career. People love sharing and talking about themselves so don't be too shy to ask! Other ways you can network are by joining a local association related to the career you want, attending chapter meetings, and going to networking events. There are plenty of networking events you can attend, you just have to put yourself out there. Also, when you do attend these networking events try to get to know new people in the industry you want to work in, and be ready to share why you are interested in making the career change you desire. People will be more inclined to help you when they know more about you and your reasons why. They will be able to relate more to you and the journey you are on.

4) Get educated and further your knowledge.

Sometimes making a career change will require you to get additional experience and education, especially if it's a career you have no experience or minimal experience in. Therefore, getting educated is a must! You can do this by going back to school and getting a degree, obtaining a certification, or even taking a class or webinar. You can even attend a conference to get educated and network at the same time! I can understand if you don't want to to spend the time or money getting educated, but the time you put in will be worth it in the end. Would you rather continue on in a career you are unhappy with, or put get educated and in time you are in a career you love?? Also, keep in mind most hiring managers want to hire someone who has experience, even for entry level jobs. Therefore, you'll need to gain experience or knowledge in order to make this change and getting educated can help. 

5) Volunteer and add this experience to your resume!

Another way you can get experience in the career you want can be through volunteering. Some volunteer opportunities and paid and some are unpaid but either way the experience you will gain is invaluable and a good use of your time. Also, volunteer experience can and should also be added to your resume. Remember experience is experience, whether it was paid or not. While volunteering you may even make connections and have the opportunity to impress the right people to get you foot in the door. Therefore, don't minimize the importance of the volunteer opportunity. Take it seriously because you could be offered a job and the people you are volunteering for can make a great reference for you when you begin applying for opportunities!

6) Tailor your resume and start applying for jobs.

Tailoring your resume is key when applying to any job, especially a job that you may not have the most experience in. Read my article about creating a powerful resume here. When you tailor your resume make sure to highlight any transferable skills. These are skills you currently have that are required for the job you want. Make sure to add these skills to your resume and move those bullet points to the top of your resume for each position so they are visible and easily found by any Recruiter who would be reviewing your resume. Also, looking and applying for jobs can give you an idea of what the minimum qualifications are for the job you want. This can also be another way for you to get direction moving forward so you can take strategic steps. You will be able to see what skills and experience you should add to your resume so you can present yourself as a qualified candidate. 

If you follow these 6 power moves you will be well on your way to changing your career! Remember, it takes time. Changing your career is a journey. Therefore, enjoy the journey and remind yourself that each day is bringing you closer and closer to where you want to be!

Best of luck to you and if you want or need coaching let me know and I'd be more than happy and excited to coach and partner with you!

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