Aloha! I Prioritized My Well-Being in Hawaii!

For the month of April (my birthday month!) I have been asking you, my clients, and followers to prioritize your well-being and to share how that was going for you!

Well now it's my turn to share!

I am a coach who likes to practice what I preach so I want to share what I did to achieve one of my priorities for the month which was to do something new and fun! I took a birthday trip to Hawaii! This trip was not only new, fun, but it helped with my well-being.

Transparent moment:

A couple weeks prior to my birthday I was in my feelings, and my emotional well-being was being challenged by my negative thoughts (yes I’m a coach and I preach positivity, but I’m still human and am challenged just like we all are). I have also been on a journey to improve my plan of care with my health care provider which has caused some ups and downs with my health (now that I think about it I should do another blog post to share more about that journey as well).

With all of these changes and feelings arising I knew I needed to honor how I was feeling, and I was also determined to have better days leading up to and after my birthday. So I did a couple things to get me there such as prioritizing my well-being!

I set some priorities for myself which included:

  1. Going to sleep and waking up on time

  2. Writing a new coaching module

  3. Doing something new and fun

So... with this in mind I planned a trip to Hawaii with my cousin and her kids! I have been to Hawaii before but I went alone, so this was the first time I was going to be in Hawaii with family and I was very much looking forward to it because I love spending time with family!

If you have never been to Hawaii the best word I can use to describe it was magical! I saw a total of 7 rainbows throughout my stay.

The amount of kindness and positivity I received from our Uber drivers, to servers, to the local people of Hawaii was incredible that I felt so blessed. This could have been because I was happy and what you put out in the universe comes back to you! Either way, I felt the love. I still prioritized my fitness by continuing to get enough sleep, and I felt so refreshed in the morning to workout and go on some excursions!

Me and my family went surfing and swimming at Waikiki Beach.

Hiking up mountains at Diamond Head Trail.

Hiking through the forest at the Waimea Valley Park in North Shore to see a beautiful waterfall, nature, and scenery.

Visited the Byodo-In Temple.

Went on a tour of the island of Oah'u to see so many special places that mostly only locals know about.

Throughout all of the adventures, I took the time to practice gratitude with each beautiful moment I experienced, appreciate the beautiful nature and scenic places I visited, showed respect to the culture and tried to learn as much as possible. I also remained present with my family by taking a break from social media, and took the time to really appreciate being with them and growing our relationships. These things brought renewed happiness and well-being into my life.

Now that I am back home in beautiful Orlando, FL I feel better than ever to return back to my life and get back to my routine.

I share all of this with you to say this....everyone in life needs to prioritize their well-being to overcome the obstacles that life throws your way. However you choose to do it is up to you! That's the beauty of choice. Whether you choose to plan a trip like I did, exercise, eat better, seek support, get rest, etc... you must take time to replenish yourself mind, body, and soul.

If you don't pour into yourself how can you continue to pour into others, be your best self, and do all of the things you want and need to do? Therefore, I encourage you to please take the time to focus on your wants and needs, prioritize yourself and your well-being, so you can continue to do everything you were divinely made and created for. Remember, the world needs you! :)

If you want or need help through coaching to prioritize your well-being please feel free to let me know and I'd be more than happy and excited to coach and partner with you! I offer virtual coaching sessions and the first session is free! To get more information and reserve your spot today reach out to me.

Discover Your Power to prioritize your well-being today!

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