Prepare for 2020 with 6 Powerful Questions

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

As 2019 comes to an end and 2020 begins, it is really important to take the time to pause and reflect. A lot of people believe you shouldn't look back on your past..... but, I completely disagree. Taking the time to look back on the things you've been through in 2019, can help you reflect and be intentional about your actions moving forward. It will allow you the opportunity to be strategic and plan how you will continue to grow and create the life you want in 2020.

The power of reflection teaches us how to plan ahead to maximize our future and potential for growth in the new year.

Here are 6 powerful questions you can ask yourself to reflect on the past and prepare to move forward for a successful new year!

1) What is one accomplishment you are proud of when you reflect on the past year?

Reflecting on your past can help you acknowledge and celebrate your wins! It can also give you the opportunity to recognize things you did really well in the past year. This question will ultimately remind you of your capabilities and your ability to accomplish success in the new year!

2) Why are you proud of this accomplishment?

Acknowledging why you are proud of certain accomplishments can be eye opening because it can help you realize what your priorities are, and what you value moving into the new year. Maybe what you valued has stayed the same, maybe what you value has changed. Maybe you should continue to grow and develop by setting goals in this area or similar areas of your life in the new year. Be proud of yourself and take this positivity into the new year by focusing on what's really important in your life. Now, let's set some goals for 2020 in these areas!

3) What successful action(s) did you take to accomplish this goal, that you think will be helpful to you when you work to accomplish your new goals in 2020?

It's good to reflect on how you accomplished your past goals because maybe this can provide you with a strategy on how you can accomplish the goals you want to achieve in the new year. Why not model this same positive behavior since it worked for you in the past? Whatever you identify can be a learning lesson, and an action you can take with you into the new year that will continue to help you accomplish your goals for 2020.

4) What is one regret or mistake you wish you didn’t make when you reflect on the past year?

Asking yourself this question can provide you with insight into what you did in the past that you don't want to do in your future. It will give you the opportunity to be honest with yourself about behavior that held you back from accomplishing any goals you had for yourself. Being truthful with yourself can help you identify behaviors you want to stop and leave behind in 2019. No more of this in 2020!

5) What lesson can you learn from having gone through this experience?

Now that you have identified what behaviors you no longer want to continue for yourself in the new year, this question can help you learn the lesson. There are experiences we have gone through in our past that can actually help us learn and grow moving forward so we don't repeat the same situation in the future. Take the opportunity to learn from these past experiences to help set yourself up for success in the new year. Choose to learn and grow from what you went through so the difficulties you experienced didn't happen in vain, and if you can help it..... won't happen again.

6) What is an action(s) you will stop doing to accomplish your goals?

I am an advocate for identifying what you will STOP, START, and CONTINUE. Therefore, now that you have taken the time to reflect on your past year, what will you stop doing so you can continue to make positive change in your life? Let's identify our negative behaviors so we can leave them behind and start new in 2020! This is a year of new opportunities and we have the opportunity to overcome our past and create a new start to accomplish what we want for the new year.

If you reflect on these 6 powerful questions you will guide yourself through a process to learn from your past and grow for your future. I also have a new resource for you to use! If you subscribe to be a member on my site you can get access to my Recommended Products and Resources. The newest resource I have uploaded is the Powerful Goal Setting tool to help you identify goals and set actions to achieve these goals in 2020.

Also, if you want or need help through coaching let me know and I'd be more than happy and excited to coach and partner with you! I am offering the opportunity for 7 individuals to be a part of a 6-week growth opportunity with Discover Your Power Powerful Growth Group Coaching Program in 2020 starting January 23rd! You will be able to connect with other like minded individuals who want to learn and grow in 2020. To get more information and reserve your spot today reach out to me. Space is limited!

I wish you a happy new year and many blessings as you end 2019 and put your energy to creating the life you want in the new year! Discover Your Power to grow and create the life you want for 2020.

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